Friday, June 04, 2021


Here's today's glamour shot: our garbage bin. Dressing it up a little is a rose that we transplanted to this spot many years ago. It's pretty much the only thing we can get to grow in this "wild" corner next to the driveway. The previous owner had two of these growing on either end of the clothesline. We dug them up and put one here and another out along the north side fence (the one that was damaged by falling birch limbs in December). One of the clothesline plants re-sprouted from roots, so now there are three of these.

Roses with garbage can. Klassy.

Thunder storms and rain moved through and around us over night, starting at around 0h30. They kept me awake until close to 04h00. I was counting "Mississippis" between lightning and thunder to tell how far away the storms were. One was close to five Mississippis, others were between ten and twenty. As the storms moved away north, I fell asleep for another three hours or so. I won't have to water the vegetable garden today.

I got both the west and north forties cut on Thursday. I was motivated by the coming rain, wanting the grass to be cut before it got wet.


  1. These "wilding" roses are such a bright addition. SG also counts Mississippis during thunder/lightning storms. Any special reason other than simply knowing how close it is? SG's great-grandmother was killed by lightning, so he gets a bit nervous.

  2. mitch, it's just to get an idea how close the storm is. The distance is roughly 1 mile for every 5 seconds between the lightning and the sound of thunder.


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