Thursday, June 24, 2021

Red flag

The grower that owns most of the vines out behind our house uses lengths of red and white "do not cross" tape to mark certain rows in his vineyards. They mark the rows he drives the big tractors in when he sprays the vines. His tractors have arms that reach out to spray several rows at a time, reducing the number of passes he has to make. Ain't agriculture fun!

It's not charming but it does the trick.

Our weather is not really improving. The forecast I saw yesterday for a warm weekend has been downgraded to a "not as cold" weekend. Lovely. And summer hasn't sent so much as a postcard from wherever it's vacationing. If this goes on much longer, the central heating is going to kick in.


  1. Maybe those little red and white flags would improve with a red or white flower attached to the knot. Do you think the grower would mind? We have consecutive days of sunshine in the offing, although there’s a 12 percent chance of rain Friday.

    1. Mitch, doesn't Southern Spain also needs to replenish its water table?

  2. I think all of summer is coming here - Seattle area - predicted temps for Sunday and Monday over 100 - only wish it melted fat off bodies.

  3. The ribbon probably doesn’t have much of a carbon footprint. ;)

  4. mitch, hmmm...

    sillygirl, wouldn't that be nice!

    bettyann, it's made of some kind of plastic, so I wonder.


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