Thursday, June 10, 2021

Ma demoiselle

I think that this is a demoiselle (damselfly). I found it dead in our bathroom, trapped inside a plastic bag that was drying in the tub. Poor thing. They're abundant right now, flying around the back yard, probably reproducing in the pond out back. Sometimes they get caught inside the green house. They either get out on their own or die trying.

The live damselflies I see are blue. This dead one's very green. It's about an inch (2.5cm) long.

It's time to start weeding in the vegetable garden. Weeds turn out to be one of my most successful crops, so I have to be diligent. The green and yellow bean seeds that I planted have sprouted; more green than yellow. I'm going to have to plant some more yellow bean seeds to round out the crop. It's also time to start pinching suckers off the tomato plants. They're growing quickly now and a few have blossoms.


  1. Looks like a female Banded Demoiselle to me....
    are the bblue ones you see metallic blue with dark wings or wing patches?

  2. Summer garden time is here!

  3. tim, they are kind of metallic blue, but the wings look like the wings in my photo.

    bettyann, :)

    judy, and we're off!

    mitch, thanks! Macro lens.

  4. weeds!
    they are a nonstop garden endeavor - you have to admire their cheek how damned determined they are to stay.


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