Monday, June 14, 2021

I'm looking over

A patch of clover. Nothing special about these. They're common plants in the margins of the vineyards out back. And now they're flowering. These are white and the most common, but there are others with purple flowers. Now that I type that, I realize I should have taken a photo of the purple ones.

Vineyard clover at sunrise.

We're enjoying a really nice spell of summery weather. Sunny dry days with high temperatures in the mid to upper 20sC (around 80ºF). The vegetable garden is enjoying it and I'm enjoying watering by turning on the soaker hose. So easy.

Clay court season came to an end on Sunday with Novak Djokovic's expected victory over Stefano Tsitsipas to win the French Open. The Greek started out really well, taking the first two sets, but the Serb came back and dominated the remaining three. Now it's on to the short grass court season, starting today with the Queen's Club tournament in London and the Halle, Germany, tournament.


  1. I’m so glad that soaker hose has much such a difference for you. As for the purple clover flowers, I can’t believe you didn’t go back out and snap a picture this morning.

  2. What is special about clover is that it is a very good nitrogen fixer in nodules in its roots. When mowed, the nitrogen is released in the soil as a natural fertilizer. That's why clover is sown in vineyards. QED!

    1. White clover seems to be the one that fixes nitrogen. That's why you see it there.

  3. Bees like clover, too. I am all in favor these days of things that keep bees happy and pollinating.

  4. Saw a news story that Grandmother Tsitsipas died just before Stefano went out to play for the title. So I'm guessing he might have been a bit distracted.

  5. mitch, it wasn't my morning for walking. Not to worry, I had the camera today (Tuesday).

    chm, yes!

    judy, watering is less of a chore, although I never "really" minded doing it. Still...

    emm, agreed.

  6. I am enjoying your flower photos (in reverse time).


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