Sunday, June 13, 2021

Bird ghost

Every once in a while, a bird will mistake the sight line from our deck through the house to the den window for a clear flight path. The problem is that there is glass in the way. Bam! More than one little bird has met its end crashing into the deck windows. Some are lucky and are only stunned for a few minutes before getting up and flying away. The other day the rising sun lit up this imprint of a bird and its wing on the glass.

I don't remember when this bird hit the glass or whether it survived.

Normally I would have already washed these windows as part of our spring cleaning. This year I thought I'd wait until after the deck renovation. Now I don't know when that will happen, so I may just go ahead and wash the windows anyway.


  1. We had the same problem with one of our upstairs windows. I presume that birds saw the trees opposite reflected in the glass and thought they were flying into the wood. We solved it by sticking some bird transfers to the glass which deterred them. No more horrible deaths for the poor birds, corpses to sweep up or gruesome imprints to clean off the windows.

  2. we get these regularly, announced by a sudden THUMP upon the glass.
    Who knew that birds were greasy enough to make such impressions?

  3. Oh, my! I hope the bird was okay. That is an amazing photo.
    We have the same problem, but not often enough to need to put up decals, but Betsy and Doug have had that issue, too, and, like Jean, they put up some kind of decals on the windows.

  4. Poor bird but a very interesting photo.

  5. Yes, that's a remarkable photo for sure!

  6. It’s a beautiful image if I don’t think about it.


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