Thursday, June 23, 2022

Artichokes and bulky items

They're not flowering yet, but they're still looking pretty. Over the course of summer, these artichoke flowers will bloom. If they survive the aphids. But they usually do.

Artichoke flower heads.

The guy I called to haul away our bulky items showed up last evening as promised, amid a few rain showers. He was very friendly with a big smile and we helped him load up his benne, a kind of dump truck. The container part of the truck not only tips back, the whole thing can be moved off the chassis of the truck to sit on the ground, making loading it a piece of cake. It took no time to get our mattress, freezer, sofa, and old barbecue grill into the container and back up on the truck. In a flash, he and our bulky items were gone. Now that we have room, we can start work on cleaning out the garage. Neither Ken nor I thought to take photos.


  1. Ah! It's nice to have your plans come to fruition, instead of being disappointed by folks who don't show up, eh?

  2. Aw shucks- would love to see how that truck looked. Glad the fellow came on time.

  3. Yes, I was hoping the sentence wasn't going to end in, "...but he never showed up.". Not exactly a truly photogenic moment, but that truck sounded interesting. I don't believe I've even been aware there were such things.

  4. Blogger won't let me post comments on my own blog except as "Anonymous." I am signed into my account, but Blogger doesn't think so. So this is how it is for now. You get what you pay for. WCS.

    judy, it does feel good. We have more successes than failures, but the failures can get us down. Right now we're waiting for a plumber. I expect he's waiting for the fixture he had to order for us. At least he did cash the check we sent him.

    evelyn, if you look online for "benne" you might find a photo.

    mary, there are all manner of specialized vehicles in France due, I think, to the fact that there are so many small streets and older buildings to navigate. The contractor easily backed the dumptruck through our gate and set the "benne" on the ground outside the garage.


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