Thursday, June 16, 2022


Wednesday's high temperature hit 32ºC here at the house. That's nearly 90ºF, unusual for us. Even though the greenhouse door and windows were open, several of the plants inside didn't fare too well. A couple were burned to a crisp, like this aucuba. This is the first time this has happened, I think.

The aucuba took a beating. We have another one on the deck that's ok. Maybe this one will come back from the roots?

High temperatures are predicted to inch up (centimeter up?) through the weekend, reaching a scorching 41ºC on Saturday. That's 105ºF. Yikes! We will be moving more plants out of the greenhouse today. We may need to start sleeping downstairs. The loft gets way too hot even though the fans are going. We don't have air conditioning; not many people do here. Tasha and Bert don't do well in the heat. Nor do we.

I got my hair cut yesterday (thank goodness!). The salon owner was talking about the heat (and who isn't right now?). I mentioned the big heat wave in 2003. She shrugged and said she didn't remember. Of course she didn't; she was probably a toddler then. Ugh.


  1. We have friends who weren’t born when SG and I met. And they love to remind us of that fact. A$$#@=$. That’s one major heatwave. Hotter there than down here on the coast. Stay cool.

  2. I recently told my dentist that Walt and I had been together since 1983, he said that was the year he was born.

  3. Old age creeps upon us, non?

  4. Wow, that is so hot! We're having that kind of weather here, too, though we do have AC... but, then, there's always the worry that it will conk out. I remember about the 2003 heat wave... I taught lessons about it in French 4!

  5. mitch, why, these kids today...

    evelyn, sometimes it feels like it leaps and bounds!

    judy, at least the humidity is low. This is Saharan Desert air, very dry.


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