Sunday, June 26, 2022


The acacia trees out by the vineyard parcels have finished flowering. Some people pick the flowers to batter and fry them, much like they do with zucchini blossoms. I've had zucchini blossoms that way once, but I've not tried to do it myself. I don't have enough flowers at any one time to make it worth the effort.

Acacia leaves.

We had a good soaking rain on Saturday. No wind, no lightning, and no hail (thank goodness!). Just a steady moderate rain for several hours. With the rain came chilly temperatures. I wondered this morning if the heat had come on, it felt that cold. It hadn't. Warmer highs are predicted as the week gets under way. It's time to cut the grass again.


  1. Ah, a soaking rain. Sounds nice — except for the mowing.

  2. I hope you don't have internet problems.

  3. I think we had rain last night, enough to leave a good amount in a bucket that's sitting outside. Brought our temperatures down from mid 90s to 74 F this morning. Woo hoo!
    I like the shades of green in this photo.

  4. I wonder who was the first to try such a stunt to find out?

  5. I am hoping our current humid unbearable heatwave gives way to torrential downpours. We need it for the plants and to tamper down the high pollen.

    Sassybear/Breenlantern/Idle Eyes/ Sean

  6. mitch, we really needed it. And the lawn really needs mowing.

    evelyn, we don't know what it is, but it seems to be better this morning.

    judy, the ups and downs of weather!

    michael, like the first person to eat an oyster...

    sean, we rarely have the kind of humidity that I remember from Albany, and worse, Washington, DC. And I'm thankful for that. Hope things cool down/dry up for you soon!


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