Monday, June 13, 2022

Pont de la Daurade

This is all that's left of the twelfth century bridge over the Garonne River at Toulouse that connected the Daurade monastery and church with the community of Saint-Cyprien across the river. I was standing on the sixteenth century Pont Neuf (New Bridge) to take the picture. The Pont Neuf was ordered built by none other than King François I to replace the fragile Daurade bridge, victim of many floods on the river. The new bridge opened in 1632 and, shortly after, flood waters once again damaged the old. The city abandoned the Daurade bridge and eventually demolished it.

The last remaining arch of the Pont de la Daurade on the Garonne at Toulouse. Digitized color slide, 1989.

I planted a row of green beans and yellow beans yesterday. I still haven't set up the soaker hoses, so I'm watering by hand. And I'm weeding with my trusty hoe. Ken transplanted some collard greens that he grew from seeds in the greenhouse earlier this spring. He put some of them in a big pot and plans to move the remaining seedlings out into the garden.


  1. A mystical photo. Nice that that portion of the bridge remains. Good thing there’s a “new” bridge.

  2. Daurade - which came first, the place name (or bridge name) - or the fish? Kiwi

    1. My thought too.

  3. Good luck with the continued work with the garden :)

  4. mitch, the "new" bridge in Paris is the oldest bridge in Paris.

    travel, me, too. As long as it burns off by noon. ;)

    kiwi, who can say? Sounds fishy to me...

    judy, thanks!

    michael, indeed!

  5. Comme je le supposais, Daurade veut dire Doré.


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