Sunday, June 05, 2022

Sunday me

I've posted this photo before, the last time in 2014, but I've re-worked it again, cropping it less, messing with the color and sharpness. Ken took the picture with my camera on a street in Nîmes. The spires in the background rise from the church of Saint-Baudile de Nîmes, I think. The street may be the rue National, but it's changed so much from when the photo was taken (I'm using Google Maps street view to try to identify it) that it's hard to be sure. It looks like three women in the photo are wearing the same overcoat. Once you see it, you can't un-see it.

Me in Nîmes, 29 years old. Digitized color slide, 1989.

A storm moved over us last night with some light thunder and lightning and some rain. It wasn't a downpour, but it also wasn't a whole lot. Still, every little bit helps.


  1. A very French looking street! You look so young and as handsome as today (or at least three years ago, the last time I saw you)!
    Off topic, Ken’s series of Paris by night was unusual and excellent.

  2. Great shot. The three women were spies during an operation. (Note the shoes and dresses, too.) OR... they were conformists and beige trench coats and black sensible shoes were the thing.

  3. I remember those raincoats- we all had them! Guys had wind breakers in the same fabric. Were they made by London Fog?

  4. It must have been the coat du jour. Looking good, Walt!

  5. Oh, my heavens, that's funny about the trench coats :) I remember that trench coats in this color, of a certain style, were all the thing for women back in 1981-82 ... for the young women, though. It was the same style as in around 1960 when Breathless was made.

  6. chm, I don't think we've seen each other since 2016, nearly six years ago... Yikes!

    mitch, Spies, yes! Or my secret bodyguards, covering all the angles.

    evelyn, not sure, I don't remember them.

    bettyann, ha!

    judy, interesting! I think it's funny how they're fanning out from my location, like the secret service. I hadn't even noticed them until now, and now they're all I see in the photo. LOL

  7. Funny! Not trenchcoats, though! Trenchcoats are double-breasted with large collars with yokes on both the front and back and belted. This style must have been on a terrific sale for you to "catch" three women in such a quick point in time! Great for a publicity still! I must agree with CHM's comments (!)


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