Monday, June 20, 2022

La fontaine Stravinsky

What's a trip to Paris without a stop at the Stravinsky Fountain, next to the Pompidou Center? Often described as "whimsical," the fountain features both monochromatic and colorful representations of Igor Stravinsky's work that move and/or spray water in its shallow basin. The fountain was created in 1983. Here's another shot from the last time I was in Paris in 2018.

Stravinsky Fountain, Paris. Digitized color slide, 1990's

Our heat wave kind of ended last night, and with a bang. We had thunder and lightning for a couple of hours along with rain (I'm not certain how much, but there are puddles in the road). This morning it's cooler, but very humid. Our thermometer that measures humidity says it's at 91% at 06h00.


  1. I would love that fountain. 91% humidity! Sounds like a Washington DC summer. Remember those?

  2. Le massacre du printemps?

  3. A favorite of mine. Thanks for this photo- whimsy can take our minds off of problems which seem insolvable. Or maybe we just need to give into the craziness of life.

  4. I love this fountain, always walk past it when I’m in Paris. Wasn’t it renovated recently? I remember several parts of it not working a few years ago.

  5. Wow! My photos never had that amount of reflection from the water! Do you remember what time of day you took that photo? One of my favorite places in Paris (all the street entertainers that amuse the passersby!).

  6. Patience above! I bet this went in with more than a few concerns and remonstrances.

  7. mitch, oh yes. Like swimming, only more work.

    chm, I had to look that one up!

    evelyn, what else is there to do? ;)

    bettyann, not sure... Wikipedia says that renovation work was announced at the beginning of this year.

    mary, I don't remember. It was 1989, after all... no meta data available! LOL

    michael, I wonder. I haven't heard of any controversy. But this is Paris... ;)


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