Saturday, June 18, 2022

We're havin' a heat wave

Today is supposed to be the hottest day of our current heat wave. Warm desert air is being pumped up from northern Africa blocking low pressure (and rain) from moving into western Europe. The result is clear and dry days. And heat. The forecast is for a high of 41ºC (105ºF) this afternoon.

The umbrella provides much appreciated mid-day shade to the deck. The thermometer on the table reads 33.9ºC (93ºF).
There are Tasha's ears on the lower right.

Since there's very little humidity, the heat is more bearable than it could be. Still, I'll be glad when the temperatures drop to a more reasonable level. Meanwhile, we're enjoying cold salads and some light grilling for our meals. The deck is nice, and since it faces east, it's shaded in the hottest part of the day. The vegetable garden seems to be doing well. I do a lot of watering in the mornings.


  1. Holy cow, that is SO HOT!
    It's very cute to see Tasha's little ears popping up into the picture... I meant to mention to Ken that it was sweet to see her poking out between the deck's railing bars :)

    1. Thanks for point out that Tasha, Judith! I had to go back and see her (so cute, so curious!). I had focused on the supporting structure under the railing and I had missed her entirely (always fun to see her!!!).

  2. That’s hot for anywhere! We’re I think 30ish today, which is hot enough right now. What an inviting photo — and Tasha’s ears.

  3. Mitchell is right, “What an inviting photo”!

  4. Is that your 'half' sunshade?

  5. You are hotter than Birmingham today! You have a wonderful deck.

  6. Smart menus during the hot spell. Of course, I would expect that from you, two! Hope you find some interesting things at the market, today! Please "take us with you to the market" like you usually do and tell us what you found and passed up (?). I was wondering about your garden, all that heat at all... Yes, lots of watering during 100+ temperatures. Again, who wouldn't enjoy spending time on your terrace! That red umbrella really looks sharp! I like that bright red color!

  7. judy, at least it's not humid...

    mitch, I'm sure you get hotter temps than we do as a rule. We have no aircon at all.

    chm, thanks!

    potty, yes it is!

    evelyn, unusual for us, but becoming more frequent. Ugh.

    mary, what I got yesterday: strawberries (locally grown), mushrooms (locally grown), zucchini, tomatoes, radishes. All tasty good!

  8. 41C ! You are hitting Arizona highs.


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