Saturday, June 25, 2022

The spare room

Can you believe that we used to have an American king-size bed in this room? There was barely space for anything else. The big bed got moved in 2010 when we had the loft finished. We moved this bed from a room that opened onto the living room. I removed the door and made that room a den/office.

We repainted the room ourselves nineteen years ago. Next time, I think we'll call a pro.

Although it doesn't really look like it in the photo, this room needs work. As in a fresh paint job and a new floor treatment. We had the carpet installed in 2003 and it still serves, but it's starting to show its age. Maybe it's time to ditch carpet for what they call un sol stratifié, a laminate flooring product that simulates wood (Pergo, for example).


  1. Wish we had a room to spare. Our 2nd and 3rd bedrooms have become our offices. We thought of shipping our California King to Spain, but figured we wouldn’t be able to find sheets. Good thing. There would be room for nothing else in any of the bedrooms.

  2. I scrubbed down the ceiling and walls with bleach and that did for a few years. We then painted the whole interior aside from the high gloss skirting and door frames. It needs doing again and it is now beyond us and we need a professional. We just can't bring ourselves to the disruption.

  3. I had wood laminate installed in most of the house and I love it.

  4. Glad to hear that rain is moving in!

  5. The dresser with the round mirror, opposite the bed, is beautiful. Wasn’t this bed a gift from Ken’s mother? It will be now a history piece because, in addition to Cheryl, I slept in it in San Francisco and in Mareuil!

  6. What kind of flooring is under the carpeting? If it's wood, would refinishing do for it? If you go with laminate, be sure to see a big chunk of it somewhere first, because a whole room often looks different than a single piece of the product.

  7. WCS responds:

    mitch, I'd love another bedroom/office. Our den served as a spare bedroom for many years until we converted the loft, but it wasn't practical, being right off the living room.

    travel, cool. I have friends who did that for allergy reasons, and it looks great.

    judy, us too. We really need it.

    chm, yes, we refinished it back in the early 80s.

    emm, it's linoleum tile under the carpet. And it's not pretty.

  8. Better get that guest room freshened up. You never know when a blogger buddy may decide to cross a visit to you off his bucket list...

    Sassybear/Breenlantern/Idle Eyes/ Sean

  9. I would be blithe to stay there.


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