Friday, June 24, 2022

Grapes are forming

The flowering is done and little grapes are forming throughout the vineyards out back. Even the few table grape plants that survive in our yard have grape bunches on them. I think there are more grapes out there than we've seen in recent years. That's probably because there was no April freeze this year to slow or outright destroy the vines' new growth.

New grapes. They'll plump up over the summer.

I put together our new barbecue grill yesterday. It took me a couple of hours and a few swear words. The new grill is exactly the same as the old one, which had rusted out. I expect that the same fate awaits the new one, but I like the way it works. So, we're cookin' with gas again!


  1. I always enjoy seeing the vineyard cycle around you. We miss having a gas grill. We used ours all the time wherever we lived. We could have one on the terrace, but we were told if a neighbor complains, we’d have to stop. What would be the point?

  2. It's great that you can, at least, enjoy your deck... with that new grill, and the special half umbrella!

  3. There will undoubtedly still be a lot of summer - enjoy the grilling with your new barbecue!

  4. WCS responds:

    mitch, mine's on the deck, and it does make smoke, more or less depending on what I'm cooking. I can see why someone might complain. Still, what a pain.

    judy, it's made a big difference in our moods.

    mary, thanks!

  5. I thought of you yesterday as I went to Total Wine to get me some cheap summer sippers. I looked for French bottles;. I found only a few (cheap ones) I got a bottle of Loire rose.


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