Thursday, June 30, 2022


Honfleur is a picturesque port town across the Seine estuary from Le Havre. It's long been a tourist attraction, in no small part thanks to famous landscape artists like Monet and Boudin, among others, that painted the town, beach resorts, and the surrounding countryside in the 19th century. Ken and I stopped at the old port for a visit back in January of 1992. The winter colors were subdued and there was not much in the way of tourist activity. We enjoyed wandering around a little in the crowd-free streets before heading further west to the seaside resort town of Trouville for the night.

Buildings facing the old port in Honfleur, Normandy. Digitized color slide, January 1992.

If I remember correctly, it rained pretty hard that night and we found a small, nearly empty, restaurant in the center of Trouville, not far from our hotel, for dinner.

Speaking of rain, it's raining here this morning, as predicted. Well, almost as predicted. I don't think we're getting the amount of rain that one weather site forecast. Still, it's wet. I have a dentist appointment this morning, so I'll be driving around in the rain.


  1. A wonderful view! We’re possibly going to have more Saharan sands this weekend. Argh! But, thankfully, no muddy rain.

  2. The small, nearly empty, restaurant is a cliff hanger. Was it nearly empty for a reason?

  3. Been there, I took a ferry to England from Le Havre one trip

  4. Ahhhh, Covid-free streets... remember when!


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