Friday, July 01, 2022

Off line

Our internet connection has gone completely, so I'm off line. Can't do email, can't blog (I'm using a friend's connection to post this), can't check the weather, can't read the news, don't know what Donald Trump is up to (maybe that's a good thing).

We're working to figure out what's wrong and how to fix it. By we, I mean Ken.

Wish us luck. Hope to be back soon.



  1. Ah, the wonders of modern technology. You could do something really radical in the meantime, like read a book. I'm told it's all the rage in certain quarters. :-)

  2. As Emm says, les joyeusetés de l’électronique! I would be lost if the same thing happened to me. Internet connection has become such an integral part of our lives!

  3. NOOOOOOOOOO. Lack of internet is the new death. We will morn your passing and hope for your resurrection soon.


  4. DJT? Why doesn't that person disappear??? I so wish he would. Yes, internet is my life, these days as well...although I do still perfer to read from an actual book! (library loan - of course!)

    1. Hi Mary,
      Have you tried to read books on line? You could download a lot of French books for free at
      It is worth a try!

  5. Donald Trump is stewing in his juices - the dyke may be breaking after Ms. Hutchinson's testimony. (Light a candle!)


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