Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Rock and roll

Tuesday started out as a very warm day. By mid-day we were over 30ºC (86ºF). I took this photo of the thermometer on our deck at 14h25 (2:25 pm) and we were already at 33.6ºC (92.5ºF). You can see that the relative humidity was pretty low, so it wasn't too uncomfortable.

Hot, but dry and breezy, after lunch.

The wind picked up in the late morning and it blew for the rest of the day. The wind felt good, so at bed time we decided to sleep in the loft. At 01h00 I saw lightning outside and heard low rumbling thunder off in the distance. There were still stars above us. I got up and closed the shutters and windows on the west side of the house in case of rain. Bert the cat came into the house from outside while I was closing up, so I closed him in, too. Then, at some time around 02h00, the storm moved in. Right over us.

The lightning was blinding and thunder shook the house. I counted less than two seconds between lightning flashes and thunder; the strikes were quite close. Bert, who had already jumped onto the bed, sprawled out and went to sleep. Cats! Tasha was clearly scared by the lightning and thunder. She jumped onto the bed as well and curled up between us. Then it started to rain.

The storm moved north and east, the time between lightning and thunder claps started to get longer, and the rain let up. Still, it kept on for a couple of hours. I slept a little, but very lightly. When I got up around 06h00, I could still hear low rumbling thunder in the distance. It continues as I write this.

We're expecting a cooler day today, but the relative humidity this morning is up to 89%. Yuck. Tomorrow is supposed be another day in the mid-30sC.


  1. It must be awfully muggy outside. But the rain was needed for the fields, the gardens and the vineyards, and also the water table which must be pretty low.

  2. We have sun and temps hovering in high 20s/low 30s with no end in sight. It’s much more pleasant than what you’ve been experiencing but I would so love a good rain (as I say every year around this time). But 89% humidity. Ugh!

  3. I do love a good lightning and thunderstorm.


  4. chm, the humidity is high, but nothing like Washington, DC. Thankfully.

    mitch, you would have liked Wednesday's rain!

    sean, the ones that we get in the night make me jumpy. Daytime storms, not so much.


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