Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Tasha Tuesday

In which Tasha sees a deer. Two of them, actually. When we walked into this clearing, the deer quickly made their way back into the woods. The movement caught Tasha's eye and she took her leash out as far as it would go. Fortunately, she more or less knows that when the leash snaps tight it's time to stop. But she kept up the vigilance for a while.

Tasha keeps her eye on the spot where the deer re-entered the woods.

I finished cutting the grass yesterday in the west forty. First, though, I had to pick up the apples that fell (not far) from the trees. I raked them into little piles and Ken helped me fill the wheelbarrow (twice) so I could dump them into the compost bin. I'm glad that I finished before lunch because it started raining, albeit lightly, shortly after.


  1. Tasha (thinks) - "What on earth was THAT? What straaaaange creatures!"

  2. Poor Tasha, deprived of the chase. And now that there’s been some rain, the east forty probably needs cutting again.

  3. Hi Tasha, so good to see you!

  4. I heard a radio announcement just recently and they repeated the phrase, "taco tuesday" and it suddenly dawned on me, that had influenced your title, "Tasha Tuesday". Duh.... I cannot believe I didn't relate the two before. How are your animals doing in the heat? I wet down my cat this morning and a few times yesterday (forecast for several days at 100).

  5. raybeard, haha! Oooh! Big dogs!

    mitch, sez you! There is no east forty! LOL

    bettyann, tasha says "woof!"

    mary, I've not heard of taco Tuesday, so it couldn't have been that. Probably wise to wet the cat down. Our critters are doing better now that it's cooled off a little.

    1. That phrase must be a city - thing - I believe it is a Burrito Shop's ad. I'll pay more attention this week!


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