Sunday, July 10, 2022


It's a small fishing port on la Manche (the English Channel) that we found ourselves in for lunch that January day in 1992. We didn't get out of the car, except to take a few photos. We parked down by the outer port and ate what we had brought with us, the car rocking in the wind as waves broke over the jetties. The weather was so cold and blustery that we didn't even think to walk into the center of town.

Port-en-Bessin's waterfront on the Normandy coast. Digitized color slide (b/w version), January 1992.

Compare that with now as we enter another wave of hot and dry weather. It's expected to get up close to 38ºC (100ºF) by mid-week and maybe beyond. Yikes!


  1. In B&W, that looks almost like somewhere in Maine. As for the heat, ouch! We’re only hovering around 30 down here.

  2. I have good memories of Port-en-Bessin (mussels and oysters) when I stayed with an old (don’t tell her I said that, she’s two years older than me!) friend of mine in Bayeux. She will be a century old this December.

  3. Charming. At first glance I thought this New England.

  4. I think Port-en-Bessin has grown some in the 25 or so years between your visit and mine. That part of Normandy is full of little, almost hidden towns and villages. I've stumbled into a couple that are fascinating -- almost literally, because I think I inadvertently drove through someone's yard and driveway one day.

  5. mitch, we should get up a little over 30 today.

    judy, the architecture's a little different.

    chm, wow!

    michael, it's closer to Old(e) England. ;)

    emm, I'm sure it has. It also looks different in the summer, I'll bet.


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