Thursday, July 21, 2022

Wild carrot

I've noticed that wild carrot, also known as Queen Anne's Lace, is quite abundant in and around the vineyards this year. I can't offer an explanation, but whatever it may be, the result is pretty.

Some wild carrot flowers are tinged with pink as they begin to open.

We had another thunderstorm yesterday just after mid-day. It wasn't violent at all, but boy did it rain! As they say in France, il tombait des cordes (it was raining so hard that it looked like ropes falling from the sky). Perfectly vertical rain, very heavy. It's pretty rare to see rain like that around here.


  1. I´m sure the rain was welcome and hope it didn’t do damage.

  2. Sounds like Mother Nature found a hidden cupboard and is cleaning house!

  3. A good rain!

  4. I'm assuming the garden is not doing particularly well?

  5. mitch, it was and it didn't. :)

    sillygirl, :)

    judy, very good!

    mary, not great. We have fruit, but it's small. Like trendy mini-légumes!


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