Thursday, July 14, 2022

Vernal and Nevada

There are two waterfalls in this photo. The lower is Vernal Fall and the upper is Nevada Fall. If my photo labels are correct. I think we were up near Glacier Point when I took this picture in 1998. Later, in 2005, my friend Sue and I spent a day hiking the trail that climbs up to both falls. Our goal was to get to the top of Vernal Fall where it spills over the edge. We made it, ate our picnic lunch, then we hiked back down. I posted about it in the early days of this blog, here.

Vernal Fall, lower center, and Nevada Fall, upper right. Digitized color slide, 1998.

It turns out that yesterday may not have been the hottest of our current heat wave. Today they're saying we'll get up to 36ºC (about 98ºF). I had trouble sleeping last night, but not from the heat. Bert stayed out all night. He ambled in close to breakfast time (for him). Night before last, Tasha threw up in her pen, so I took her out and let her sleep on the bed. I think that was because of the heat. Last night I took the door off the pen so she could sleep where she wanted to. She spent most of the night on the cool wooden floor. Smart dog.


  1. I do so enjoy your treasure trove of slides. I visited Yosemite in the early spring 1992. These slides of yours show the glory and the grandeur of the falls and the natural beauty of the area. I recently was bequeathed by my late friend a very heavy box containing thousands of slides in sleeves and packs. Upon graduating high school and before starting at Harvard he volunteered for the Peace Corps. From1966-68 he was the U. S. Peace Corps cooperative aide to the Kenyan government. The color slides are extraordinary in their content of beautiful subject matter including the people and the wildlife. I doubt that I will ever be able to digitize them. Ken and Walt continue to take care of your health. As you know the effects of prolonged heat waves have a way of sneaking up on you rather quickly just as they did Tasha. Wildfires are also sparked quickly. Just this morning on the outskirts of town several hundred acres of hay in windrows ready for baling were set afire by an undetermined cause. Terrifying, but no one was hurt. Goodbye.

  2. woody, that's a shame about your friend's slides. Maybe there's a service that will do the digitizing for you?

  3. Poor Tasha. That heat must really be hard on her (and you). Another beautiful photo.


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