Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Workin' on the well

The plants and weeds in and around the real fake well had gotten out of control. The dry weather was also taking its toll. So, on Tuesday I pulled the remaining weeds out. Ken started pulling weeds from inside the well a week or so ago, but more grew after our recent rain spell. The clary sage around the outside of the well was in very bad shape, and grasses and other plants had dug in. So I had to dig them out.

The real fake well seen from the guest room window. You can see how the lawn is scorched.

It took three different shovels to do the job. I filled the wheel barrow up twice before it was done. Ken planted hens and chicks inside the well when he got rid of the first batch of weeds. We hope they'll fill in and block future weeds from taking hold. As for the ring outside the well, I think were done with clary sage. We've been talking about planting day lilies, but since they're rhizomes we probably need to wait until fall when bulbs are available at the garden stores.


  1. Your plans for the real fake well will be beautiful.

  2. I know I am late to the party but I have been wondering something for months so I am going to ask about it. The photos you post of the garden/back yard and the aerial images I have recently seen make me wonder what the original design/layout was like. The well head is obviously very well constructed as was the original garden path. The orientation of the house on the land, the placement of the now very old shrubbery and trees, some of which you have removed, all give me cause to believe that there was a method to the madness. Are there original drawings or archived photos of the voisinage as it was developed or planned? Just curious. During my years of "flipping" old properties I found that drawings and photos of the original landscaping and the neighbourhood gave reason to why things evolved into what they were in the here and now and if what I had planned was feasible or not. I like your home and just trying to determine the origins of it's architectural style and the methode of construction. My attempts to satisfy my curiosity just helps pass the time for me. Your work efforts on the real fake well have paid off. Stay hydrated and pace yourself. Adieu.

  3. That was a big job. Well done, you!
    P.S. Finally tested negative a couple of days ago. So happy!

  4. I like the idea of day lilies on the outside.

  5. Yes, I had good luck with day lilies in both Wisconsin and Illinois. I think they would look tremendous circling the real fake well (fun to write!).

  6. mitch, we shall see!

    woody, we had the garden path re-done last fall, but it's in the same place with the same dimensions. I've never seen a landscaping plan for the place. I think it just evolved as the original owners planted stuff. A lot of what they planted is in the wrong place (too close to the house or blocking views, for example). We're not sorry to see some of it go. The house itself is a typical mid-1960s "pavillon" style; we see many houses similar to ours around us.

    bettyann, Yay!

    evelyn, I think we need a touch of bold color out there.

    mary, thanks. We had them in SF and they did pretty well, even in the fog zone.


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