Saturday, July 09, 2022

Cap de la Hague

The Hague Lighthouse sits just off the northwest coast of Normandy and the Cotentin Peninusula. According to Wikipedia, the lighthouse was completed in 1837, electrified in 1971, and was operated by keepers until 1989, after which the light was fully automated.

The Cape Hague Lighthouse is 800 meters off shore. Digitized color slide, January 1992.

We had spent the day driving along the Norman coast, stopping for a lunch-in-the-car at the small coastal town of Port-en-Bessin. Then it was on to the Normandy beaches of WWII fame before driving up the Cotentin Peninsula. If I remember correctly, we spent the night on the west coast of the peninsula in a town called Carteret, which also happens to be the name of the county in North Carolina where Ken is from.


  1. As it happens, the daughter of my late old friend JL is spending the summer in her mother’s summer home in Carteret and, I hope, this is being Normandy, enjoying the beach and swimming in the Manche (English Channel).

  2. Thanks. Love lighthouses and the sea. I’ve been to Ken’s Carteret County many times and really enjoyed the area, the beach and the great seafood.

  3. Had lunch a few years ago with a French friend in Port-en-Bessin. Lovely little place, on the waterfront, excellent food. She was vastly amused when I ran outside to take a picture of a fishing boat tied up just outside -- but its transom said "Rolling Stones".

  4. chm, it's going to be a hot week. The water might feel good!

    bettyann, I haven't been there since 2006. :(

    emm, funny! Maybe one day we'll have the chance to see it (the town) again.

  5. I am a long time lover of lighthouses. I don't get to see many other than those on the Great Lakes. I enjoyed seeing this one.


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