Friday, July 08, 2022

Another artichoke

This is the artichoke that grew from seed in our vegetable garden. One of its three flowers had just started to open when I took the picture last week. It's fully open now.

Artichoke flower just beginning to open.

We're bracing for another heat wave. It's supposed to get exceptionally hot and dry as next week gets under way. There are already reports on the news of a big fire (for France) down south. Fires are not unusual this time of year, much like fires in California have become, but this one is reportedly very big, and growing thanks to hot, dry wind. They're calling it un mega feu (a mega fire).


  1. Heatwave here in England forecast too, and we are combining. Just a thankyou to you both for recent interesting posts,

  2. I must plant some artichoke seeds. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. A beauty! Good luck with the heat wave... yikes.

  4. Such a beautiful flower. Hope you can stay cool during the heat wave.


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