Saturday, July 16, 2022

Happy dog

This is our dog, Collette, who came camping with us in Yosemite back in 1998. We took her on pretty much every camping trip we did between '92 and our move to France in 2003. She loved riding in the car and sleeping in the tent. And hiking long walks.

Collette and Ken, Taft Point, Yosemite. Digitized color slide, August 1998.

I think this photo is from a walk we took to Taft Point. Park visitors could drive up from the valley and park in a lot, then walk to the point itself for the views back over the valley. Collette was always on leash and was well behaved. We brought her to France with us (of course) and she got to see Paris, Normandy, and a lot of the region where we live. She even went to Madrid with us in 2004.

As you can see, Collette was mostly Shetland Sheepdog (like Tasha), but was mixed with some other breed. We adopted her from the Silicon Valley Humane Society in 1992 when she was picked up as a stray. The vet estimated her age as six months, but her origins remain a mystery.

Note: I realized this morning that I had mis-dated the photos in the last two posts. They were taken in 1998, not 1992. I've corrected them.


  1. Collette was a beauty, and she sure looks happy.

  2. While you've mentioned her, I don't remember seeing a photo of her. She is a lovely looking dog.

  3. What a beautiful dog! I had a sheltie years ago and I loved him!

  4. Awww, this is the first photo I've seen of Colette's face, I think... such a bright-eyed girl!

  5. mitch, she was usually pretty happy.

    andrew, there aren't very many on the blog. She died not long after I started.

    michael, they're great dogs! But there's the long hair to deal with, not to mention the barking.

    judy, :)

  6. What a lovely dog. They give so much to our lives.


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