Sunday, July 24, 2022

Speaking of grapes...

This is what the grapes are looking like right now in the vineyards out back. They look abundant and plump. It will be interesting to taste this year's wine (we have to wait until next spring for that) and see how it compares to last year's. If we remember. Maybe we should buy a couple of bottles and put them away for a springtime taste test.

Grapes on the vine. There's a wild carrot flower in the upper right.

I cut the grass in the south forty and the strip outside our hedges yesterday. I may get out there today and do the north forty, but there are a dozen or so mole hills that have to be removed first. During the high heat days, moles started digging in a shady part of the yard, near the carport. I'll move the dirt to a low spot in the yard where the hazelnut hedge was removed last fall.


  1. The grape growing season is so fast.

  2. Mouth-watering. Makes me wish ever so much that grapes (like grapefruit) weren't now on the no-no list for me. But at least I can feast on the sight of them, though that's hardly a consolation!

  3. If I were there I would have wine with every meal.

  4. mitch, summer seems to pass quickly.

    raybeard, I miss grapefruit, too. Every once in a while I treat myself to some grapefruit juice. Don't tell anyone!

    1. I've never dared 'cos it's been such a BIG (and literal) ''forbidden fruit'! However, since you are, I maybe just might too. However, as you say, mum's the word! :-)

  5. Do you know what variety they are? Chinon and Sauvignon Blanc territory around the Cher in the main?


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