Monday, July 25, 2022

When life gives you apples...

...make applesauce! That's just what we did yesterday when Ken brought in a box of apples that he gathered from under one of our trees. We peeled, cored, then cooked the apples with some sugar, cinnamon, and allspice. When it cooled, I put the sauce into containers and into the freezer they went, ready to be used in apple tarts, applesauce cake, and who knows what else later this fall and winter.

One of our two apple trees, seen from the den.

It's still early, so there will be plenty more apples to use as fall approaches. The apples on the other tree are not quite ripe, but when they ripen we should be able to use them for tarts and pies and, of course, more applesauce.


  1. Well done! A taste of summer in the fall and winter. Ours are not quite ready yet. Looking forward to apple and wild blackberry pies.

  2. The house must have smelled so good.

  3. We regularly ate applesauce; father called them 'hunglesuds" By the way have you ever made hard cider?

  4. Your apple tree is very photogenic this year!

  5. That’s great!

  6. I'll look forward to seeing some of those future apple 'sweets'! Maybe I will cook an apple tomorrow morning so I can have a little of that "cinnamonny" taste on some vanilla ice cream when we are in the triple digits coming up this week.

  7. I’m not sure if “compote de pommes” is the same as apple sauce. Whatever apple sauce I have seen in the States doesn’t look like “compote”.
    Also, something I have never seen in France or the US is apple jam. I have tasted that in South Korea and it is delicious. It begins as compote, keep on cooking and it ends up as jam. It needs more sugar, though. I tried to replicate what I ate in Seoul and it was very good.

  8. pats, these are not really ripe, either, but they'll do for applesauce. More to come.

    mitch, probably. My sense of smell is not what it used to be.

    michael, "hunglesuds!" LOL. No, I'll leave the cider making to the pros. ;)

    evelyn, lot o' apples this year!

    judy, :)

    mary, ugh, that's hot! Ice cream sounds good!

    chm, I think it's basically the same. Commercial applesauce in the US is often smoother than home made, more uniform, so it's the same every time. Like many things, home made is different every time.


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