Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Apples and oregano

One of our two apple trees produces deep red fruit, but it's kind of mealy and not good for eating. It does make decent applesauce, but I have to be quick because the fruit is quick to rot. The other tree makes harder apples that last longer and are good for making tarts as well as sauce. They're okay to eat raw, too, but not really great. We didn't plant the trees so we don't really know what varieties they are.

Our "mealy apple" tree and the oregano patch.

Between the tree in the photo and the vegetable garden is a patch of oregano. I planted it in the vegetable garden many years ago in an attempt to establish an herb garden. I wasn't very successful, but the oregano escaped the garden and started coming up all over, so I let it grow in this area and harvest the leaves each spring then dehydrate them. The fresh leaves don't have much flavor, but once dried they are terrific. We use them all the time in the kitchen. And during the summer we get a pretty show when the plants flower.


  1. The oregano blooms are beautiful. That apple tree is dense. Too bad they’re not very good.

  2. That apple tree is so abundant! It must be the perfect spot for it's needs. Very attractive oregano bloom, too.

  3. We have two apple trees in our back yard that produced fruit for the first time last year. I still cannot get over the thrill of being able to walk into my back yard and pluck an apple from my own tree and eat it.


  4. mitch, the best apple tree came down (died) a few years ago. It was big, and had pretty good all-purpose apples on it.

    judy, loaded!

    mary, :)

    sean, it is cool to actually grow things you can eat!

  5. Oregano makes a lovely pesto, but it's quite strong. A little goes a long way. Try it!


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