Saturday, July 30, 2022

But is it art?

This is the Artsy Organized Neighbor's most recent "installation." An old trailer (like the kind they use on construction sites) and an old rusty plow (held up by a tree stump). Who needs the Louvre when you've got this?

There's a little window in the construction "office" trailer.

According to the weather folks, we're in for another heat wave starting today. Our high temperature this afternoon will be between 30 and 33ºC (around 90ºF) depending on which weather report you look at.


  1. From that angle, I thought the trailer was mounted on the old plow. THAT would be art. Interestingly, the plow on its own looks like some art I’ve seen in museums. We have been having much milder temps than you this summer.

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    1. After the low 40s we hit couple of weeks ago, the low 30s now sound pretty tolerable. Perhaps next year we'll be yearning for a return to the lower 40s. Just keeps getting ever scarier.

  3. What a beautiful shape and form, and the photographic perspective is simply marvellous.

  4. Great shot! Are those two little chimneys on the trailer? Cute!

  5. Maybe you'll meet the artist someday. Love seeing his ideas!

  6. mitch, it looks as though it could be...

    raybeard, I know. And it gets a little more frequent over time.

    andrew, ah, a critic after my own heart.

    bettyann, not chimneys... they're some kind of metal rail.

    evelyn, Ken has talked to him, I've only seen him from a distance. Reclusive artist!

    judy, you can say that again!


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