Friday, July 15, 2022

Yosemite Falls

These are the Upper Yosemite Fall and the Lower Yosemite Fall. If I can trust the file labels I made, the photo is taken from Taft Point on the southern rim, overlooking the valley and the north rim where the falls are. We did some light hiking (from parking lots) to both Glacier and Taft Points that day.

Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls and the Merced River Valley. Digitized color slide, August 1998.

I think we were lucky to see these falls (and the others) with so much water in them, especially in August. They weren't flowing at springtime levels, but they were nonetheless impressive.


  1. These slides bring back wonderful memories of my early spring 1992 visit to Yosemite. The volume of water pouring over the ledges in the spring when the snow pack melts creates an incredible sound that makes Niagara Falls look and sound like your bathroom shower. The height from which the water falls to the valley floor is stunning.

  2. These are fantastic photos and I must say you must have done some serious hiking to achieve these pics! Thanks for these views of Yosemite!

  3. Before covid we'd planned a trip to Yosemite, my first.
    This did not happen. Probably now I'll never see it. I'm 83. Darn.

  4. woody, it is an amazing place.

    judy, :)

    mary, we didn't do too much hiking. We drove a lot.

    anon, you never know! Stay optimistic!

  5. Thought I commented last night. Argh. Majestic!


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