Thursday, July 07, 2022

Artichoke flowers

The artichoke plants in the back yard have started blooming. I'm always amazed at the flowers' vibrant blue/purple color. After a while, the flowers will fade and the plants' seeds will be whisked away on the wind, clinging to white feathery "parachutes."

This artichoke grows along the path in the back yard. A new one has popped up in the vegetable garden.

Last year, one of those seeds actually sprouted in the vegetable garden, so we have a new plant there that's flowering now as well. Artichokes are perennials; we get treated to this show every summer with little or no fuss. I do have to water them during dry spells.


  1. I really like these colors together -- these are the accent colors in my otherwise white and grey master bath :)

  2. It seems there are two varieties of artichoke in France, the white and the purple. The purple variety grows in Provence and can be eaten raw or cooked. The white variety can be eaten only cooked. Here is an interesting article in French about artichokes,

  3. judy, cool!

    chm, thanks!

  4. They look like thistles. I bet the insects love them.


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