Sunday, June 19, 2022

Sunday me

Here's another photo that Ken took of me during our southwest France trip back in 1989. I'm sitting on the ruins of an ancient Roman amphitheater in the city of Saintes. The city straddles the Charente River; the approximately two thousand year-old ruins are on the left bank.

Yours truly sitting among the Roman ruins in Saintes. Digitized color slide, 1989.

I awoke to lightning and thunderstorms between 04h00 and 05h00 this morning. There was some rain, but not a lot, and pretty much no wind. But lots of lightning. We're expecting a high of 33ºC (91ºF) today, with more storms this evening and into the night. That's a far cry from yesterday's high of over 38ºC (100ºF). We didn't get up to the predicted high of 41ºC (105ºF), but it was très hot nonetheless. It should be even cooler tomorrow.


  1. Glad things are cooling off. And, speaking of cool, great photo.

  2. Wow, what a place. I've never been to any ancient ruins.
    Here's to cooler temps!

  3. I'm enjoying seeing these slides from your past. Nice ruins.

  4. It's always interesting to see what ruins look like before they're "restored" (rebuilt/recreated). -- Chrissoup

  5. Darn! We missed the ruins in Saintes. I wonder if those will be restored... Looks like quite a project. Maybe you could a little free-lance work, Walt! Cute shot! Aah, "those were the days..."(when we were younger!)

  6. Patience above! Your photo gave me a bit of a jolt. That always happens when I see a photo of someone I know at a time before I met them. You look groovy .

  7. I've been to that amphitheater. One of the intriguing aspects of it is that it's just there, seemingly without any effort to "restore" or fancy it up. And it's enough out of the way that you have to walk a bit from the center of town.

  8. mitch, we're glad, too. Neither one of us likes the heat.

    judy, not even the arenes or thermes (Cluny museum) in Paris?

    evelyn, :)

    chris, ha!

    mary, sometimes ruins are better just left alone.

    michael, well, this was way past groovy! LOL

    emm, we were the only ones there that day. And I had to pee...


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