Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Jumpin' around

I'm not really going in order, in case you didn't notice. This is the city of Arles in the lower Rhône Valley. Arles is the point at which the Rhône delta begins. In the centuries before the Common Era, it was a celtic settlement frequented by Greek traders. The Romans moved in around the second century BCE.

Looking over the rooftops in central Arles. Digitized color slide, 1989.

We stopped in Arles on our way south from Nîmes early in our trip. We had a look at the Roman amphitheater and walked around in the center of the old town for a while before getting back on the road.


  1. I know about Arles because of Vincent Van Gogh. So many beautiful paintings.

  2. I was with my au pair family on a short visit to Arles. I just especially remember the olives that they were having with our lunch, and their telling me that if was going to eat olives anywhere, Arles would be the place (I wasn't convinced... I love olive oil, but not olives).

  3. I was in Arles years and years ago. I loved all of the architecture. Also, thanks for the recommendation to use Murphy's old dog food container. That was a superb idea and will be one of my summer projects!

  4. Arles Marché on Saturdays!!! I have been there twice in different years. I still have beautiful Navy Blue and also Burgundy ribbon with Joyeux Noël written in gold thread and still many bars of french soap that I give as gifts! One time was just before a festival in the South and there was Paella available by many different vendors that was prepared in large paella dishes in the streets! Very festive and lots of fun to be there with others dressed in Arlèsianne costumes.

    Your view of the rooftops with the variety of tile roofs is beautiful! Merci pour les souvenirs d'Arles!

  5. Just like you, I was coming from Nîmes in 1954, when I was touring Southern France on my Vespa scooter, when I saw a representation of l’Arlésienne in the arènes d’Arles. Good memories.


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