Thursday, April 07, 2011

The green tulips

I planted these bulbs very soon after we moved into the house. They're not as nice looking as they were the first few years (look here), but they still come up and I like them. They were billed as green tulips, although they are mostly white with some green tint.

The first of the green tulips to open.

Ken and I spent Wednesday doing some shopping. I need a new lawnmower since my eight-year old one is slowly dying. Rather than spending money and time on a repair that may or may not prolong its life, we decided a new one was the best thing. We spent the day going from place to place looking at models and features and prices, and we're pretty much decided on what we want.

We also did some other shopping, including some hardware and food shopping. It was a very productive day.

But there are two more places to check out for the lawnmower, and one of them will have what we want. It's just a matter of deciding. So today I should have the new machine (provided it's in stock). Good thing, too, because the grass is getting pretty thick out there.


  1. A lovely photo of a tulip !! I like the way the stripyness of the petals shows up.

    I love tulips. They come in such an amazing array of colours, shapes and sizes. My favourites are the very tall "black" ones (actually a very dark plum colour), white ones and any frilly ones. This green one is lovely - I think I'll add it to my list.

  2. Looks just as good to me. Love the color.

  3. I'm in love with green flowers. Not just the foilage...but the blooms. Reminds me of a gladiola I had in my back yard a few years ago:

  4. Our weather has been very nice. We've only had one hot day so far. Of course, within a couple weeks, that will change and the Florida weather will return for the remainder of the summer and most of the fall.

  5. The grass is thick here too Walt. Bill got out the lawn tractor and gave it a good whacking. I like your green tulips. I have a pee gee hydrangea bush the same color. They call it lime green. It looks like an off-white with a tint (hint) of green. Very pretty nonetheless.

  6. jean, since my home town was a Dutch colony back in the 17th century, it has a heritage of tulips and an annual tulip festival. I grew up with them and really enjoy seeing them, too.

    rick, :)

    brent, but do you miss the real winter, too?

    alewis, cool!

    craig, yup!

    starman, hot and humid, with a thundershower nearly every afternoon?

    ron, it's that time of year!


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