Tuesday, April 12, 2011

La dégringolade

We've actually been wearing shorts and tee-shirts for a few days. That's over now, at least for a while. Spring temperatures have come back. That means it's chilled down again. On Sunday, our sunny and warm morning chilled off after noon. A weather system moved in and clouds blew over, cooling things down a bit.

It's been so warm that the dandelions have had time to bloom and go to seed.

It's to be expected this time of year. It's early spring. But like I said before, we got spoiled by the warm weather. Now it's going to feel cold again. Oh well. It's better for doing some of the work outdoors. And we have work to do indoors, too. The hallway still needs to be painted.

And the good news is that summer is still on the way. I hope it's a good summer, and not a cold and wet one. By the way, la dégringolade means the fall (not the season) or the ruin, the descent into badness. The weather people use the term often to mean that the weather's going to get worse.


  1. At first glance, the dandelion looked like a jelly fish. Sorry about the tires. You are not a dweeb, you just play one on tv.

  2. Same here. The weather got warmer and then colder again. But it's April and I don't care how cold the kids get, I had to pack up their Winter coats and hats. I just couldn't take it any longer. I'm sure that they'll survive.
    Your Friend, m.

  3. I'm in love with those days that can't quite make up their minds on whether to be warm or not......a great time of year.

  4. First thing I thought when I saw the picture was "it came from outer space."

    Degringolade - thanks for the new word. :-)

  5. Great pic, these plants have a way of popping up so quickly. I found one in my garden Sunday that was over two feet tall. It didn't look as scary as yours.

  6. It looks like a displaced octopus.

  7. Very cool picture! I thought it was some type of mushroom at first.

  8. cheryl, wow! I'm a tv star! Can't wait for the checks to start rolling in.

    mark, kids tend to do that. Then they'll taunt you with guilt later. "What do you mean I can't borrow the car? Remember when you hid our coats away that terribly cold spring? I nearly died from pneumonia! And now you want me to walk to the store? In this weather?" lol

    alewis, I hope you're very happy together. ;)

    diogenes, de nada.

    mike, they'll be coming and going all summer long.

    starman, hehehe.

    jim, you're right, it does look like it could be a mushroom!


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