Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How did this happen?

Out behind our house, just where the the dirt road into the vineyard begins, there is a triangular plot of grass. A small ditch which drains the dirt road into the pond cuts the plot in two. The grass grows tall in this plot; it's only cut a few times a year by the town.

Rogue tulips in the vineyard.

And right smack in the middle are two tulips. One is red, the other yellow. It's just the two of them out there, as if they tried to escape from the garden across the road but couldn't get very far.

Did somebody toss a couple of bulbs over the fence? Could they have come up from seed?


  1. Perhaps birds picked up then dropped a couple of small bulbs? Strange though!

  2. Oops to above. Rick, signed in as Chris again by accident. He needs to start using his own computer. : )

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  4. "Life finds a way" - Jurassic Park

  5. Maybe Callie dug the bulbs up in your garden and hit them in the vineyard as a special treat she could fall back on the next time you put her on a diet! And then she forgot where she hid them :)

  6. I think the music for this photo should be the theme from "Born Free".

  7. Perhaps you could rescue them and put them in your garden?
    We had the clean our fridge after a bottle of V-8 leaked ...from the top shelf.

  8. I wonder if there is a third one on the extreme right that didn't bloom. I can see two leaves that could very well belong to a tulip. Who knows?

    If they grow from seed to they have to build a decent bulb before first blooming?

  9. Starman has a good idea. Rescue them and give them a safe home to live and thrive.

  10. They are a beautiful little surprise for spring! Just to keep you guessing.

  11. craig, it's a mystery to me!

    rick, I think you have a split personality! ;)

    travel, probably not, but you never know. We don't have many squirrels around.

    mark, yes, and these are tuliraptors. Yikes!

    martine, that would be just like her!

    mike, hehehehe!

    starman, good idea. But it is fun to see them out there in the spring.

    chm, could be. I'll look closer next time I go by.

    paradykes, I agree!

  12. What a nice photo, i like it a lot. Tulips are my favourite flowers :)


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