Sunday, April 17, 2011

Le lilas

The lilac. It's really nice right now. The bush is about four feet high, so it's not a giant yet. We planted it in 2006. This is the third year for flowers, since it blooms every other year. I still can't believe I got one that doesn't flower every year. Ugh.

The lilac is in full bloom. I wish it did this every year. I'm going to have to get another one!

The back yard continues to get worked on. I trimmed the two forsythia bushes back. My research tells me that they should be trimmed in spring, after they flower. So that's what I did. I got the back yard mowed again. The weather remains dry and mild.

I got to the market on Saturday. Asparagus were going for five euros a kilo, so I bought some. Also got some mushrooms from the mushroom lady. It was a pleasant morning, so I walked around a bit and enjoyed the atmosphere.

Ken stayed home and worked on painting some more. It will get done, bit by bit.


  1. I can almost smell the lilacs. Can't wait for mine to bloom. We're a few weeks behind you.

    Victoria, Bellingham, WA

  2. Mmmm, lilacs are my favorite flower (for scent). Enjoy them while you can.

  3. My favorite flower, as well. Thanks!


  4. Oh, heavens, your close-up shots are amazing! Can you give us one of the lilac bush from a little distance?

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  6. You are so ahead of us in the blooming of plants. Our forsythia is blooming now, but lilacs won't for quite a few weeks. And wisteria still longer. Walt, you need to buy another lilac (or perhaps more) which bloom every year. I follow the advice of garden writer Christopher Lloyd that you need to figure out what you really like and then make sure you have plenty of it.

  7. That is a real beauty.

  8. When I buy fresh asparagus (green only), I usually buy just enough for one dinner and I have no idea what it costs. Robb once said, "What difference does it make what it costs? If you want it, buy it." I have come to agree with that sentiment. I'm not going to miss something I want because it costs a bit more than I want to pay. Of course, you guys are in a much better position to buy fresh veggies than we, so you can afford to wait for your price.

  9. Walt,
    I can smell those lilacs now! This reminds me that I MUST get some lilac trees here at my new home. I had them at my home in Pennsylvania but I had to leave them behind when I moved to the First State. I do have the forsythia bushes though. Need that first blast of yellow in the spring. Lilacs come later.

  10. we can't grow them in Phoenix... I miss then.

  11. What Brent said. I miss them, too.

  12. Lilacs always make me think of May, for that is when they bloom in the midwest; summer is just around the corner now.

  13. Used to love our lilacs in Connecticut. Miss them in Southern California... and will continue to miss them in Southern Spain. Thanks for the spectacular photo!

  14. victoria, hurry! Hurry!

    cubby, I know, they don't last long!

    bettyann, :)

    judy, I'll work on that. Every photo of it I've taken recently is in full sun and is to contrasty.

    kristi, our forsythia is over and done for the year. Good advice!

    mike, thanks! I'm looking forward to it getting taller.

    starman, that's a good practice for things that you enjoy. I agree.

    ron, I want more, too. Fortunately, there are many in our neighborhood that I can enjoy in the meantime.

    brent, where did you live before you went to Phoenix?

    cheryl, I know where you lived! ;)

    michael, that's the way it was in my hometown, too. My grandmother had one that was amazing.

    mitch, you bet!


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