Friday, April 15, 2011

Progress on the hallway

On Thursday we began, in earnest, to complete our attic renovation. What this means is the painting of the stairwell where the wallpaper has been removed. Ken did a great job taking down the remainder of the paper after the attic work was done. I filled in holes and cracks and sanded a bit.

Flowers on a shrub that grows out in the vineyard. I don't know what it's called.

So we started priming the walls. Ken took the section that goes up the new stairs. I worked on the hallway on the main floor. We've got it all nearly primed. We still have the walls along the big stair that goes down to the ground floor to do. But that will be saved for last.

Once we get the upper stairwell and the hallway walls done, we will feel as if we can accomplish anything. That will give us courage to face the big stairwell. It's not as huge a painting job as the attic was, but it's a bit challenging nonetheless. We will get there.

And once this is done, we will have painted every wall in the house since we moved in nearly eight years ago. Well, there's technically one bit of wall we haven't reached, but no one would notice. I hope it's not like painting the Golden Gate Bridge (once you finish you start again at the beginning).


  1. Nice to meet your blog! / Enchanté de faire la connaissance de ton blog !

  2. What a nice flower, it is beautiful. I like a lot pictures you post.

  3. Do you have as much trouble finding good quality paint in France as we did? It was very thin and took many coats usually. We ended up loading the car with UK paint on trips back!

  4. Walt,
    We've been here four years and still the original Oyster Shell builder's paint on all our walls which just drives my neighbor Barbara nuts. Hey, we're too lazy plus that shade of white goes with EVERYTHING. That's my excuse.

    Look at that flowering shrub. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Did you take the photo in the early morning light?

  5. It's a beautiful flower - I would be interested to know what it is - some kind of rhododendron perhaps?

  6. So where's the bit of wall that you haven't painted? Inquiring minds want to know! ;)

    That gorgeous shrub might be a viburnum but there are many types of viburnum, no idea which one.


  7. You guys are so ambitious. I wish I had that energy.

  8. I was thinking rhododendron, too! The leaves were the giveaway for me, but then rhodies (affectionately known here in the Northwest) have those gorgeous big blooms. I need to complete my taxes or else I would try to ID it from my text from my horticulture class !!!

  9. On second look, I'm now thinking it is a Dogwood. Five petals with that nipped in look at the tip.
    How tall a shrub is this?

  10. Do you know of any interesting blogs written by French folks living in the US? CHM?

  11. Bill in CA,
    Except for my mostly far-fetched comments on my friends' blogs, I don't have much to say that I want the WHOLE world to know about. LOL

    As an afterthought, I don't use Facebook or Twitter either. Can't be bothered.

  12. To avoid you starting another cycle of painting you are invited to divert yourself to coming here and painting the outside of our chateau.

  13. I think that bush with the white flowers is some kind of ornamental orange or other citrus plant.

  14. inqueerer, welcome!

    craig, we've had some good and some not-so-good paint. Can't really complain, though.

    ron, yes, that's sunlight on the petals.

    jean, I have no idea. Ken thinks it's a variety citrus.

    bettyann, it's in the den. Part of the room still has the wallpaper. We removed what we could easily and painted that first year we were here. But there's some left to do.

    starman, sometimes I wish I had the energy, too!

    mary, not sure about dogwood. The shrub is only about 3 feet high, and the flowers are the size of star-jasmine.

    bill, I can't think of any...

    chm, lol

    michael, um, I have no experience with exteriors. :)

  15. The shrub is Mexican Orange Blossom Choiysia.


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