Monday, April 11, 2011

The wisteria is in bloom

And it's looking pretty good, although it's still a very young plant (five years) and doesn't have the majesty of a mature vine. It will get there one day. In the meantime, we get more and more of this each year:

A section of the wisteria against the house.

I think we've reached the point in spring where we feel we've regained the upper hand in the yard. After winter, everything is such a mess and it's overwhelming; there's so much to do. But after doing a few chores like cutting dead growth back, some weeding and trimming, cutting the grass, burning old stuff, and (this year especially) removing the downed trees, the yard is looking like its old self again.

There is still a lot to do. The vegetable garden still needs tilling before we plant in May. There's still a lot of trimming to do. But it doesn't feel overwhelming any more.


  1. So beautiful! I can't wait for our snow to melt so we can get to our spring clean up also.

  2. I love wisteria. I don't have enough sunny spots to put it. Darn.

    In regard to your mower, I have a Honda; it works beautifully.

  3. Walt - remember what I warned you about wisteria - It will attack you, wrapping it's tenticles around everything. It's like 20,000 leagues under the sea. Beware.
    Having said that, I will post the most lovely growth of wisteria we saw on our travels after leaving Albi. Just a whole wall of light purple.

  4. I've heard bad things about Wisteria also, but can't help loving it. It takes over like kudzu in our woodlands and takes my breath away every spring.

  5. Lovely! I know spring is coming here because we keep having April showers.

  6. Lovely. I'm happy to say the lavendar is coming back again this year. And some of the other plants. But I'm dreading the first sign of the morning glory. Lovely flower, but the vine likes to take over everything. =/

  7. The weather in Europe is very strange.

  8. Very pretty!


  9. paradykes, snow! Aack!

    rick, glad to hear that!

    leon, yes, I remember...

    evelyn, they're very common here and are often very well tended.

    kristi, we had our April showers in February this year.

    lois, :)

    jp, I have mint that likes to do that, so I confined it to the inside of rock well. Seems to be staying put so far.

    starman, I think the weather is strange all over the world any more.

    erika, thanks!


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