Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring radishes

A little over a month ago, I planted radish seeds in the back yard. The first crop is ready for harvesting. We're planning to eat some of these for lunch today with salt, butter, and fresh bread.

Radis roses ready to be harvested. Under the dirt they're white.

I have to get busy and plant some more seeds so that we'll have another crop or two before summer. The lettuces I planted at the same time have been ravaged by slugs, but there are some survivors out there. I'm hoping they'll grow enough so we can eat them.

Meanwhile, collard greens and mustard greens are thriving. And the seedlings (tomato, eggplant, squash, chard, cucumbers, marigolds) that I have under the cold frame are growing into nice plants. Some are ready to be divided into individual pots already. They won't go in the ground for another month yet.


  1. Do you think the "Our Current Weather" people are like salesmen, they go from one town to the other, tirelessly? In the morning (my time) it is Le Mans and at night (my time again) it is Tours? Some kind of mystery?

    BTW what did you think of the link I sent you? As an architecture lover you should like it.

  2. Walt - radishes, sweet butter and good French bread, YUM!!

    chm - would it be possible to share the link with another lover of architecture? Thanks!


  3. Did you see Iron Chef America the other night? Radishes (all kinds!) were their "secret ingredient"! Amazing yummy stuff. I love to grill them in the summertime on the BBQ.

  4. BettyAnn,

    Yes, here is the link


    For instance, if you like cathedrals, as I do, you'll find zillions of them. From the earliest to the latest, all over the world.

    There are many, many other fascinating things.

    Walt, now at 4:00 your time the weather thing gives the temperatures in Romo. Next we'll have Singapore and Bobo-Dioulasso! LOL

  5. You even make radishes look beautiful! You are something Walt. You and that camera. Wow.

  6. chm, very strange indeed! I do like the site. I've been visiting it now and then for quite a while.

    bettyann, one of our favorites!

    alewis, no, didn't see it. It's not a show I watch much; I don't like competition cooking. ;) I've never grilled radishes, though! Something to try!

    ron, aw shucks!

  7. chm, I took a look at that site and will go back many times.

    Walt, I notice many places on this site lack photos. Something you might be interested in doing on your travels around France?

  8. I wonder if we'll be able to find fresh radishes in Juin?


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