Friday, April 29, 2011

Threatening skies

This sky might look threatening, but it's completely benign. It was Thursday morning's view as I walked Callie through the vineyard. But the news from the US is troubling, with all the storms they've been having in the South. Scary stuff, indeed.

What our sky looked like around eight in the morning on Thursday.

I know that weather is not climate, but you have to think that the warming and general climate change we're experiencing is having an effect on the weather. Sometimes it's heat waves, sometimes it's snowstorms, sometimes it's hurricanes, and sometimes it's tornadoes. And sometimes it's even just normal weather.

I also know that there are more people living in more places where not many people used to live. Couple that with instant media, twenty-four hour news cycles, and the fact that everyone has a camera. The result is that anything and everything is recorded and on television and the internet almost instantly.

So there you go. I know that the few people I know in the areas hit by the recent tornadoes are ok. That's good. It's still scary, though.


  1. Wow, that's an incredible photo.


  2. "Something wicked this way comes."

  3. "Red sky in the morning, a sailor's warning."

  4. Our weekend is going to be beautiful which is good news for all the rescue work going on down here in dixieland.
    Facebook has been great for checking on friends and family.
    IT was a sobering experience to see this incredible storm from my tv screen. Many lives were saved by early warnings to take cover.
    Today is a gift, that's why it's called the present.

  5. A beautiful photo... Thanks for sharing it with us! We needed some beauty today, in the midst of so much....
    How lucky you are to have seen and photographed such a moment.

  6. Re:
    Lots of tossing and turning. I saw 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00 before finally going back to sleep.

    You were anticipating the royal wedding??

  7. judy, thanks! After what you guys have been through...

    mark, as long as it's not you... ;)

    starman, thankfully, we're 4 hours from the ocean.

    evelyn, glad you guys came through alright.

    ann, thank you!

    cheryl, yeah, that's it. Fretting all night. ;)

  8. Rain this spring in Portland Oregon has been truly Biblical.


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