Wednesday, April 06, 2011

What a tangled web we weave

I'm still processing my photos of the dewy morning we had last week. Well, there were many dewy mornings, but only one when I had the camera. The spider webs out in the vineyard are mostly invisible except for when the dew is heavy at sunrise. Then you get a feeling for just how many spiders there are out there.

A web in the grass at sunrise, laden with dew.

The spiders that spin these classic-style webs are incredible. Sometimes the webs are close to the ground, like this one. But often there are huge circular webs spanning the grape vine rows with long (several feet) support threads. It's amazing to me that the spiders can build these things over and over again.

You know I've been complaining about the overcast lately, but it's not all that serious. We've had some very good weather this spring, and it's getting better. This week in particular, after a string of cool and cloudy days, is shaping up real nice. After seeing some pictures of weather in the US and Canada, I know how lucky we are to live in a temperate climate and not to be dealing with a foot of snow in April.


  1. I love this photo. It looks as if it could have been taken 100 years ago. Too cool! m.

  2. Haven't stopped by in a couple posts...wonderful pictures as always. Glad your weather is improving.

  3. You are also lucky to be spared tornadoes and stormy weather with power outages that we've had down here in Dixieland...

    But our Springs are quite lovely anyhow.

  4. Judge from the size of the web, the spider must be pretty big!

  5. I agree with Mark (I usually do anyway). This photograph looks like Matthew Brady took it. Wonderful Walt!

  6. We had a bit of warm weather this last week here in the Hollywood area. Still lots of snow in the mountains above Pasadena and this weekend we are expectin a cold ront that will bring a litlle more snow. I wish I could send you photos of the mountains.

  7. evol, it's an illusion. It's less than 20cm across!

    mark, it takes 21st century digital technology to come up with a photo that looks 100 years old! I love it!

    rick, thanks! I'm glad, too...

    evelyn, very lucky. I hope you are faring well...

    dor, I didn't see the spider. Some of them are big, others are tiny!

    ron, aw shucks!

    mike, I know how pretty that can be!

  8. I can see a bunch of webs, so if they're all made by different spiders, there must be a huge community of them.


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