Monday, April 18, 2011

A tower on market day

Saturday morning was brilliantly sunny. I went to the market in Saint-Aignan for the first fresh asparagus of the year and a couple of other things. I parked in the lot along the river and walked into the Place de la Paix where the market is and did my shopping. There weren't too many people and my errands took no time at all. So I decided to walk up through town and around the château before heading back down to the car and home.

A tower on the north-eastern façade of the castle.

I wasn't in the right place relative to the sun for most of the few photos I took and they don't really do the morning views justice. But I liked this shot of one of the towers. It has some unusual checkerboard stone patterns on the upper wall.


  1. Why does your "Our Current Weather" show Le Mans, which is almost 150 km north of you, instead of Tours which is much closer?

  2. Ah, sunny Saturday mornings at the French market. You've made me come over all nostalgic! Nice photo of the tower.

  3. chm,
    Oddly, though, if you click on "Click for Forecast", it opens up to the page of weather for Tours.

    Go figure!


  4. oh lord, fresh of my list.

  5. I had to look twice - thought at first it was "our" tower.

    Please save some of that beautiful blue sky and good weather for us next week.

  6. Terrific picture. Wonder if the two sections with their different styles of stone were built at different times?

  7. Walt,
    For great photos, it's all about the lighting. I find that high noon on a sunny day is the worst time. The best time is early morning just as the sun rises. Second best is at the end of the day about an hour before the sun sets.

  8. mark, merci.

    judy, :)

    chm, I don't know. It didn't even show up on my screen yesterday. They must be having problems or are doing maintenance.

    craig, I hate to admit that I'm a fair weather market goer. I used to brave the rain and cold, but I do that less now.

    alewis, white or green?

    jean, we'll do our best, but it's not really up to us!

    starman, thanks!

    emm, I don't really know...

    ron, I'm with you on that.


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