Thursday, April 28, 2011

Out with the old...

...and in with the new. Roses that is. There are several rose bushes around the house that I dutifully prune each winter. This isn't one of them. I let this one go all winter without pruning it and now it's full of buds and roses. Last year's hips are still visible here and there.

A pink rose is ready to open up next to last year's remains.

I suppose I will trim it back again next winter because it's getting too tall and leggy. But I kind of like the wild look it has right now.

Now that the painting is mostly done, there are plenty of other chores that need tending to. The grass needs cutting. There's a pile of dirt at our neighbors' house that they said we could use to finish filling in our ditch, so we have to go and move it. There are vegetable seedlings that need tending. Then there are the garage and utility room which need their spring cleaning.

And there's lunch to make.


  1. I love roses. They are incredibly hardy plants. We've grown them in Palm Springs, Cognac and now here in Scotland and they always thrive. They always seem to come back better than ever after good hard prune. That's a lovely head about to burst open!

  2. I think I can smell them from here.

  3. "If it's not one thing, it's another." In about twenty years, you will really understand the truth of those words.

  4. Darn! My first rose came out yesterday and I was tryng to get a picture so I could post it before you did Walt but it was too windy around here on the coast of Delaware. You beat me to it! It's a beauty.

  5. I used to have dozens of rose bushes. I miss them so.

  6. craig, all the roses we have were put here by the old owners. I'm not sure how old they are, but they seem to come back fine every year.

    kristi, thanks! We did!

    cubby, that's the smellernet!

    starman, oh, I understand them pretty well already!

    ron, you'll still post a picture, won't you? :)

    michael, are there any varieties you can grow in your climate?


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