Sunday, April 10, 2011

Life's a ditch

You know what I mean. You may remember that our mayor agreed to fill in the ditch that runs along our property between our hedge and the road. Last year, the town came by and dumped some clean fill into most of the ditch. They smoothed it out and it was looking real good. Except for the last dump, which they didn't smooth out.

Part of the hedge along the road and the mostly-filled ditch, looking west. Our back yard is on the right.

Since we were busy with our attic conversion, then our injuries, we weren't able to go out and smooth the dirt pile out. So it over-wintered. A few days ago, Ken went out with the roto-tiller and loosened it up. Yesterday, we went back out with shovels and rakes and hoes and moved the pile of dirt into the ditch, until the dirt ran out.

There are still a few feet of ditch for which we need more dirt; I want it filled in to the point where the fence begins in the above photo. I don't know yet where it will come from. But at least we're almost done. It won't be long before the grass and other plants cover the bare patch over, as they have along the rest of the length of the hedge.

The best part of all is that it will be a lot easier to trim the hedge now that there's no ditch to span.


  1. Much better without the ditch. I wish I'd known about this when we lived in France as we hated the ditch outside or house.. it was a haven for weeds of all kinds.

  2. Definitely better filled in. Wouldn't want to try and strim that laurel hedge straddling a ditch--knowing me I'd probably fall in!

  3. Is that cute little fence yours?! How is it that we have never seen that view before? It's adorable!

    Good news (part way) on the ditch, eh?


  4. I'm with Judy on this one!

    Lovely fence and those birdhouse posts are fantastic! Did you have it built or did one of you build them?

  5. Be glad you don't live in an apartment under them.
    Doesn't the ditch have something to do with irrigation or keeping the rain water off the road?

  6. I don't really care about the ditch - -your back yard looks like a great place to be!

  7. craig, so true. Keeping the weeds cut out there was a real pain.

    antoinette, I used to old wooden shutters to span the ditch, then set the ladder on top. I teetered and tottered too much!

    judy, yes, that's our fence. It only runs the length of the house.

    mary, the fence and its posts were already there when we bought the house.

    starman, the ditch is supposedly for drainage, but we live at the top of the hill and the ditch really didn't serve much purpose. The town agreed with us.

    betty, it is a great place to be when the weather is good!

    rick, thanks! The hedge didn't get trimmed last fall so it's a bit fuller than it normally is.


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