Saturday, April 02, 2011

Periodic Puppy Pics

Ah spring! When a young dog's fancy turns to chasing tennis balls. Or cats. I'm not sure what Callie saw out front when I took this picture, but it sure looks like something caught her eye. She's always on the lookout for her brother Bertie, but I don't think that was it.

The trees are getting all leafy again. Thank goodness!

The weather was nice enough a week ago that I set up the table and chairs on the deck. Unfortunately, it hasn't really been warm enough since then to sit out for any length of time, especially when the sun isn't shining. Of course, with a fleece or a sweater on it might be ok, but that's just not the same.

Today is supposed to be very nice, sunny, and warm. We're planning to grill some sausages so I'm hoping to spend some time sitting on the deck. Sipping rosé. Pretending it's summer. Tomorrow it's back to springtime weather: clouds and showers.


  1. Walt

    How is Callie getting along with Bertie? Can she stand seeing him in the same room or do you have to keep them away from each other?

  2. Now we brits would definitley out there in our fleeces and woolly hats, enjoying the great outdoors. that's because we're mad. Or maybe because english weather is so disappointing that you just never know if that's going to be as good as it gets !!
    (sorry for typing errors)

  3. Great job on all of those accomplishments!

  4. Callie is so lovely. Sharp as a tack like all collies, you can just tell.
    Enjoy your warm spring sunshine, and the BBQ!

  5. Walt,

    I'm did you make out with your Win 7 upgrade and how do you like it compared to Win XP?

  6. beaver, Callie is fascinated by Bertie. To the point where she wants to eat him. They have to be separated.

    jean, a Brit's gotta do what a Brit's gotta do.

    judy, kind of balances out my unproductive days.

    starman, sometimes a burst of energy is a good thing!

    craig, I assume that's you asking about Win7. It went fine. My only issues have to do with look and feel, and they're working themselves out. Also, the new software (Office 2010, Photoshop Elements 9) are taking some getting used to.

  7. Our pooch likes to chase rabbits, of which we have plenty.

    I have never had any 'proper' Rose, only rubbish. Can you recommend any good French rose , something I can actually obtain here?

  8. ur-spo: I cannot recommend any roses available in the US but I have to tell you the US roses don't in the least bit resemble the dry, refreshing taste of the French stuff!


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