Friday, April 01, 2011

Tulip time again

They're blooming now, and it's a show. Ken and I were out and about on Thursday and we passed a house with a yard full of tulips of many colors. It was truly amazing. Neither one of us had his camera, unfortunately. These red ones grow in front of our house.

The tulips are starting to open up now. That board on the right is Bertie's ramp into the garage.

Thursday was an errand day. We had to go to the vet's office to pick up some Frontline (flea and tick preventative) for the "animules." That would be Callie and Bertie. In addition, I got some vermifuge (worm pills). There's no sign of worms right now, but since Bertie had them last year, I figure it's better to keep his system clean than to have to clean it up later.

After that we went to a winery and got twenty liters of red; ten cabernet and ten gamay. That's a little more than two cases of wine. We buy it in bulk and then bottle it at home. Much more economical and ecological than buying bottles.

A single tulip flower.

Next up was a stop at a charcuterie in Meusnes. Ken wanted some sausages to grill this weekend. We bought way more than we planned, but the place does good stuff and it all looked so appetizing. Nothing will go to waste.

After a quick stop at the house of American friends K&J, we came home and ate some coq au vin that Ken had made for lunch. He started on Wednesday by marinating the chicken. Then on Thursday morning he browned it and cooked it in the sauce. We finished it with some mushrooms and served it with pasta. Very tasty.


  1. That's funny, I buy my wine in bulk too; everyday!
    Enjoy your tiptoeing through the tulips!
    Your Friend, m.

  2. Tulips are one of my faves. Luv them.

  3. Gorgeous... fabulous colour.

  4. It's tulip time here also!

    Haven't seen any ticks yet, but have already done frontline on the pets.

    "If it's tulip time, the ticks are waking up;)"
    Gotta take the bad with the good and Spring is very good, non?

  5. Will find out how many "survived' the squirrels in a month!!! Every year I lose some , thanks to them

  6. Yesterday I thought my breakfast nook needed a little color. I went to the market and bought a bunch of tulips, the same color as yours. BTW yours look nicer.

  7. Although, I'm relatively certain they're not, the leaves on the tulip plant look amazingly like plastic.

  8. Walt,

    Glorious, just glorious! I love that blinding shade of red. To me this is the Color of Spring. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Those are beautiful. On the wkds I usually buy tulips to put in the house. I love having flowers in the house, but esp. in the winter when it makes me think of warmer days.

  10. mark, I think you threw away my ukelele.

    rick, they'll come soon!

    cubby, :)

    craig, I also have some "green" ones. They're mostly white.

    evelyn, we're in full-on tick season already, and through the summer. I've seen a few, too!

    beaver, do squirrels eat them or just dig them up?

    mike, :)

    starman, nope, not plastic. :)

    ron, soon this red will be replaced by geraniums all over the place.

    bosguy, I know what you mean!

  11. Walt

    They will dig them up and then eat part of the bulbs or bring the rest to their hiding place . When they are in bloom, I have watched them snapping the flowers and then just leave them on the ground. They are pretty mischievous.

    Rabbits also are bad for the lilies


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