Friday, November 18, 2011

Funky Feline Fotos

Who's that knocking at my door? The other day, Bertie showed up on the deck outside the living room. It's unusual for him to climb up there during the day; he usually prefers the cover of darkness so the dog won't see him. But on this day he was brazen. And he sat out there, looking in, meowing.

Of course I just had to take a photo of Bertie peering through the window.

I went out and played a bit with him and he seemed restless, but nothing was obviously wrong. Then he heard Ken down in the garage below and he headed down there and meowed at Ken. At that moment, Ken noticed that the cat's kibble bowl was empty. So he filled it up and Bert snacked away before heading back outside for more kitty adventures.

Bert's told us before that his bowl has been empty. But this is the first time he came knocking on the door to do it.


  1. Next time it will be the doorbell.
    I just love his face.

  2. What a great photo of the adorable Bertie.
    I clicked to Bertificate it and he is so cute !! Clever too, telling you his bowl is empty !!

  3. Our two cats are the same - Rosie murmers, "feed me please daddy" while our burmese screams, "FEED ME AND DO IT NOW".

  4. I've seen that expression before--the bent ear, the intent look. It says "Get back on the job! You're neglecting me!"

  5. Bertie is beautiful, smart and endearing. I wonder who he gets it from? (lol)
    P.S. From what you write, I understand that Bertie and Callie still can't be in the same room together: 'This town isn't big enough for both us'-style?

  6. Our cat strikes the same pose when she wants let in. She has her own private pet door, but she prefers being let in by a door. We are her slaves.

    Bertie's eyes are beautiful.

  7. maybe he'll start texting you next

  8. Note: Bertie knows where to pose for best styling colors - eyes and outside chair look to be the same green!

    Smart kitty! Aren't they all?

    Mary in Oregon

  9. I've always heard "Dogs have owners. Cats have help." Maybe Bertie has heard this as well?

  10. mark, that'll be interesting.

    jean, he's a cool little cat.

    leon, hehehehe.

    martine, yup. It's Callie who wants to get in Bert's face. Bert is more annoyed than scared.

    evelyn, it's funny how much he eats, between his daily wet food, the dry kibble, and the wildlife.

    melinda, maybe he can show me how to use a smartphone?

    t.b., :)

    starman, he's a cute kitty.

    mary, yes, I noticed that!

    anon, I heard the same, except instead of "help" the word was "staff." lol


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