Sunday, November 06, 2011

Une maquette trompeuse

Even though I didn't take any photos of the exterior of the Pompidou Center, I did find this model of the building on display inside. It's a nice model, and very pretty. The problem is that it's only in red and white. The building is loaded with blues and greens too, and is amazingly colorful. This model is like a sterilized version of the actual place. Maybe an idealization? I don't know.

The Paris Modern Art Museum at the Pompidou Center. Click to Pompify.

At any rate, you get the idea if you've not been there before. That snaky tube crawling up the front of the building is a set of escalators. That's the way visitors move from floor to floor. The row of façades from yesterday's post are affixed to the buildings you see on the right hand side of the model. It's an amazing place, even if the model doesn't reflect the total reality.


  1. We particularly enjoyed the buskers and free entertainment on our vist here. There was as much colour in the atmosphere as there was in the building.

  2. I do think I need to visit Paris...

    So glad you survived your haircut!

  3. It is known by Parisians as "La Raffinerie" i.e. the [Oil] Refinery. It sure does look like one. It should be moved to "La Défense." It would look good in that skyscrapers environment.

    Having built that monstrosity in the heart of old historic Paris was an aberration.

  4. I remember when it was built and how people were so upset. I have never been inside, which I am sure is better since you can't see it.
    OK, so I am not a fan either!

  5. I actually like the building a lot. It is like a modern sculpture set in an open courtyard.

    I saw the architects, Piano and Rogers, give a lecture on it (way back in 1976). They moved all the utilities and A/C to the exterior to have completely open gallery space on the interior. Each function, electric etc. is color coded outside.

    Hausmann Paris has a wonderful uniformity about it, so the buildings that are very different become decoration, IMHO.

  6. and the gallery space is well utilized -- usually some very interesting exhibits -- at least the interior is better than the buildings at Les Halles !IMHO too.

  7. leon, yes, the plaza area is always full of activity.

    mitch, it's required.

    chm, oh, it's not so bad... :)

    nadege, and you live in LA! ;)

    diogenes, I agree.

    mcat, they're re-doing Les Halles now.

    michael, I can't be brilliant every time...

  8. I'm with CHM. As with the Montparnasse Tower, many Parisians prefer the view from the Pompidou because from there, you can't see it. It is a great view, BTW. I remember when it was new. It was more colorful. But the paint rusted quickly with each dog's passing, so they had to put concrete around the streetside pillars at the back. It's been re-done, but still remains out of place. As a museum, though, it is fine -- easy to circulate in the exhibit spaces.

  9. I remember how people hated the Pyramide du Louvre too. Jeez, it's like time needs to stop and nothing new should ever be built. If they tore down the Pompidou Center, what would they build in its place? Fake old houses like in Disneyland?

  10. I wonder why they didn't use the real colors? Maybe they're thinking of painting?

  11. I love the Pompidou Center and usually stay near there in Le Marais or Bastille when I visit Paris.


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