Monday, November 21, 2011

Periodic Puppy Pics

It's been a long time. I took this picture in the middle of September when I was trimming the hedge. And trimming the hedge this year is what gave me this pain thing that I'm still dealing with. Apparently, I pulled some muscles in my chest the wrong way, and they're pressing on the nerve that goes into my left arm. Ugh. You know all about it.

Callie poses out by the hydrangea. Which reminds me, I have to trim that back.

As is my wont, I took photos of the progress on the hedge trimming. Callie, as is her wont, was out cheering me on. So I took her picture, too.

We're still working on preparing the yard for winter. My shoulder/neck/back thing is much better and I can get out and do light yard work. Using the lawnmower, for example, is not a problem because it's tractée (self-propelled). Tractée is in the feminine form because une tondeuse (a lawnmower) is feminine. Hey! I can cut my grass in two languages!


  1. Do you enjoy the yard work or could you hire some local to do the hard work for you? Hope you feel better soon.
    p.s. I never knew lawmowers were feminine. Ours seems really butchy. Now I'm starting to wonder about her.

  2. cute pic!
    Glad to hear the shoulder/neck thingy is getting much better even if slowly :-).
    Have just been wondering if we should get the mower out here-- feels slightly weird to cut grass in November!

  3. Wonderful Callie, Bert's best bud! ;)

  4. Glad to hear your neck.shoulder/back problems are getting better. Those things do take time.
    Callie has something of the look of my dog when he's trying to figure out what on earth I'm talking about.

  5. Someone needs to invent an apple-picker-upper machine! Our acorns have been falling in huge amounts this fall.

  6. Walt

    May be you tried to overstretch to reach as much as possible to trim the hedge and didn't realize that you were pulling those muscles.

  7. Walt

    FYI: to understand the "traps"

  8. Callie really has a gorgeous coat. Had she just had a bath?

    She looks like she is in a "show" pose.

    So glad to hear you are continuing to recover, Walt.

    Mary in Oregon

  9. mark, I really do enjoy it, but I may have to pay someone to do the hedge next year. I don't want to risk hurting myself again.

    n&a, this isn't the first year I've cut the grass in November. It's also a great way to get the leaves up.

    judy, lol!

    kristi, I don't remember, but I must have been talking to her while I was taking the photo. That's her "What?" look.

    evelyn, I'd buy one!

    t.b., thanks for the link. I think I know what happened. Because I had this similar condition last year (from sanding and painting in the new loft space), I wasn't able to trim the hedge. This year, I had to deal with two years' worth of growth. It was a lot of work stretching with that heavy clipper and forcing it through larger stems. I even had to use loppers in some places because the branches were too thick for the trimmer. So I just pushed way too hard and my poor out-of-shape muscles couldn't handle it.

    mary, oh, no! Her last real bath was in March when she went to the groomer's. We clean her legs and belly off almost every day after her walk because she's usually covered in wet sand.


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